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Play True Day

In cooperation with WADA, NADOs from different countries participate every year April 10th in the “Play True Day”. Different European NADOs (Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia and Malta) have carried out numerous prevention activities in the week before and/or after this date during the last years.

For 2017, iNADO Members Austria, Brazil and Tunisia will also organise different activities such as: visiting schools promoting “For a clean Sport Day”, showcasing videos on Play True Day at their elite sport schools, talking to young athletes from different countries during an international cup tournament, or promoting the existing campaign #JOGOLIMPIO. Also the International Volleyball Federation will celebrate the day with its own programme.

NADOs, national and international sport federations are invited to join this activity. Nina Makuc at the Slovenian NADO coordinates the communication for this event. Get in touch with her to share your examples how you celebrate Play True Day in your organisation: e.g., outreach programs, interviews for the media, (social) media campaigns, photos of athletes playing true.

Also visit the website Play True Day to find out more about the events. Stand up for what you believe and join us on the day that celebrates clean sport and clean athletes.

Fair Play


FairSport Website

Johann Koss, Olympic gold medalist from Norway and social entrepreneur presented during our 2017 Workshop “FairSport”. FairSport is non profit organisation not affiliated to any government or sport authority which will support whistleblowers in sport to meet their personal and family needs including but not limited to legal representation. The intention is to help whistleblower to stand on their feet and live independently.

FairSport acts as a link between whistleblowers and enforcement authorities. Information  provided to Fair Sport will be brought to enforcement authorities to be investigated and acted upon. It is worth to mention that although the organisation “will make an initial evaluation of the whistleblower’s information to determine whether it appears to be credible and useful, it will not conduct any further investigation”. The website just went live recently and you should know it. Click here.


Anti-doping news remind us almost every day that the risk of unintentional consumption of PEDs is high. One approach to minimise this risk is categorical abstinence to any supplement. Studies however, suggest that a large portion of athletes consume supplements.

Therefore, a more practical approach is to check the quality of supplements by referring to certifying companies such as Informed-Sport or by checking medications with the help of websites of the kind of the Global Drug Reference Online (Global DRO) which “provides athletes and support personnel with information about the prohibited status of specific medications based on the current World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List”.

For your reference iNADO has created a list with more than 25 databases of different countries to check supplements and medications. Click here.
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