Following the destruction of Tropical Storm Erika, an amount of USD20,407.00 was donated to the Dominica Red Cross to help victims who suffered extreme loss. Gary and Angelica di Silvestri demonstrated profound concern for victims of that terrible storm by requesting how they could help.

The DOC informed them then that members of the executive and affiliates had not suffered loss; however, the Dominica Table Tennis Association had reported that the National Coach, Mr. Clifton Lewis and his brother were swept away by the Roseau River during the Storm on August 26-27, 2015.

The Dominica Red Cross confirmed they had provided food and household items to the family of Clifton Lewis in the aftermath of TS Erika.

The di Silvestris took the initiative to rally support from their friends and promised to match what they collected resulting in a total of USD20, 407.00 with their contribution amounting to USD10, 100.00. These funds were sent through Red Cross International to the Dominica Red Cross to assist affected households.

On behalf of the Dominica Red Cross and the Dominica Olympic Committee, sincere gratitude is extended for the significant contributions to alleviate the loss suffered by victims of Erika.

We are pleased to acknowledge the contributors (19), friends of the di Sylvestris as follows: Gary and Angelica di Silvestri, Joseph Priest, Petter Barve, Dawn Gallucci, Sandra Jacobson, Roberta Boschi, Suzanne Song, Douglas Feurring, Dan Packman, J. Richard Latini, Santiago Ocariz, Stella Fong, Zach Violett, Vadim Bedarev, J. D. Dowing (Ski Team Coach), Kyle Pressman and Thomas Lynch and one anonymous.

The Dominican community appreciates the benevolence of these contributors and recognizes the usefulness of sport in helping to transform lives in a positive and developmental way.

Special thanks are extended to Gary and Angelica di Silvestri for their initiative.